McAfee is a familiar name in the antivirus community, but it’s mostly known for being a mid-range, average antivirus. Over the last couple of years and has become one of the best antiviruses. McAfee Total Protection helps to block malware and malicious downloads, and it scans your computer or mobile device to search out viruses and malware. Once the unwanted software is located, the program will quarantine or remove it. In this blog, we discussed ways to Download McAfee Total Protection 2021 and its features.

McAfee Security Features

McAfee Total Protection protects against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware attacks, and it also keeps you safe from suspicious or vulnerable websites.

A McAfee Total Protection was 99% successful in detecting and preventing attacks. And while McAfee’s scores are much better now than in previous years.

Still, McAfee Total Protection gives users a wide range of features, from safe browsing to permanent file deletion and more:

  • PC performance optimization.
  • Encrypted storage (128-bit encryption).
  • Home Network Security (firewall).
  • Password manager.
  • Multi-device compatibility.

Many of these features, like the password manager, safe browsing extension, and PC performance optimization is special. You can find these same features in most other antivirus software

Virus Scan

McAfee Total Protection offers two types of virus scans:

  • Quick Scan

Running the Quick Scan took 5 to 15 minutes and scanned through over 12,000 files.

  • Full Scan

While using McAfee — it provides all the useful information in pop-ups. For instance, if you want to know which files are being scanned or see which files were flagged as suspicious, you’ll get all that information in a pop-up.

You can also see a little information in the small notifications window in the McAfee dashboard. I’d personally rather have this information displayed in the dashboard rather than in pop-ups or tiny boxes.

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Once your scan is complete, you can see how many files were scanned, any issues found, and what infected files were removed. If you have no intention to investigate suspicious files, this will be fine for you. But if you want more control, other programs like Malwarebytes let you quarantine, delete, or ignore files.

Overall, Quick Scan and Full Scan both works as intended, though I feel like the scanning engine is pretty slow compared to other antiviruses.

McAfee Ease of Use and Setup

Installing Total Protection was quick. It took less than 10 minutes.

Once the dashboard up, it was pretty simple to use. You can easily poke around and check out the many offerings, but finding specific tools is sometimes a bit difficult.

McAfee organizes its information a bit strangely. It doesn’t title everything — the Vulnerability Scanner is called “Update my apps” under the “PC Security” tab. But I did like that once you click on it, the feature is more thoroughly explained.

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