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Most computer users Install AVG Antivirus Software to scan their computers and keep them virus-free. The AVG Antivirus is free for essential a security application that blocks viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malicious threats. It is especially recommended for small to medium scale businesses, but people also use it for their personal computers and laptops.

Install AVG Antivirus on PC

AVG Antivirus FREE is now installed, but some components may not fully function until you restart your PC.

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Advantages of AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is one of the most renowned and acclaimed antivirus software. It attracts a lot of attention from all types of users. Here are some advantages of the AVG Antivirus.

Easy Installation

You can easily install AVG Antivirus on your PC. The user interfaces, as well as the download process, is straightforward; therefore, anyone can install this software. Users can always schedule the updates according to their convenience. All the updates take place automatically and don’t require any participation from the user side.

Boot Time Scan

AVG Antivirus also performs boot-time scans. Many viruses and trojan horses etc. create copies of themselves when the computer is booting. The boot-time scan catches these malicious programs during the boot and they cannot copy or spread themselves.

Does not require a lot of memory

Most antivirus software is heavy and takes up a lot of space in the computer. The AVG antivirus does not take a lot of space in the computer. You can easily install the AVG antivirus software without worrying.

Comprehensive Software

There are several different ways in which a virus can attack your computer. The AVG antivirus makes sure that all types of malware are detected and taken care of.

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