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The quick scan option on Norton runs a basic scan of your computer and quickly identifies any files that are harmful. However, sometimes, Norton Antivirus gives an error during the scan. It prevents Norton from scanning your system for any harmful virus. The incomplete scan can be potentially harmful to your computer, which is why it is important to fix Norton Antivirus Scan Problem. Such an issue can occur on both windows and mac systems. In this article, we will basically guide you on how to fix the Norton Antivirus Scan error that you encounter while performing a scan. You can also take a look at this simple guide to remove Norton Antivirus Scan Issues.

A computer virus has the potential to destroy your personal and financial data if it goes unchecked. Norton Antivirus is one of the most well-known security tools that identify and eliminate any threats to your computer. However, like most software, it can also present certain errors. If your Norton antivirus is giving a Norton Antivirus Not Scanning, you can fix using this article.

Identifying The Symptoms Of A Norton Antivirus Error

There are various reasons why you are seeing the Norton antivirus error during the scan including a corrupted file or a corrupt operating system. If you want your Norton quick scan to be free of any errors; lookout for the following things:

  • A system error displaying ‘Warning! You are at risk.’ This means that Norton is not able to perform a full system scan.
  • The Norton scanning process remains incomplete or keeps crashing repeatedly.
  • The virus scan will abruptly stop and there will be no results shown.
  • The speed of your computer will significantly decrease while performing a scan.
  • A server error may cause your antivirus software to suddenly stop working.

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Fixing Norton Antivirus Scanning Error

You can follow the simple steps stated below to fix any issues related to Norton antivirus scanning error:

Step 1: Save all of your data and close all the programs that are running in the background.

Step 2: Perform a restart and update your operating system if required.

Step 3: Run the Norton antivirus program, from your desktop menu.

Step 4: From the main window, go to security and click Scan.

Step 5: From the settings, choose your required settings and click full system scan.

Step 6: Once the scan is complete, click finish and complete any pending prompts.

In case your Norton antivirus still gives you a Norton Antivirus Scan Error after following all the steps above, then you will have a need to contact our Norton Antivirus support team and get technical assistance. You can dial our toll-free +1–855–590–2854 number and get instant help from our Norton Antivirus expert team. Our Norton Antivirus support team has a 24- hour support helpline that provides you with advanced troubleshooting steps and helps you fix Norton Antivirus Scan Issues.

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